Jason Stone | President

Seeing an opportunity to carry on the family business, Jason joined Green Country Interiors as a project coordinator in 1999. After three years, Jason was promoted to project manager. A few years later, he moved from project management to our estimating department and eventually worked his way up to become our chief estimator in 2006. With a wide range of company experience under his belt, Jason became a partner in 2008 along with Paul and Tim.

Officially becoming our President in 2017, Jason now manages our business development efforts and keeps tabs on the majority of our day to day operations. Everything from finalizing estimations to being our contract administrator, falls under Jason’s jurisdiction.

When not at work, Jason serves on the board of directors for the Tulsa chapter of American Builders and Contractors, which he has done since 2007. Jason also stays busy raising his two children and maintaining a consistent tee time.

Paul Hannagan | Chief Finance Officer

As the son of one of our original owners, Paul grew up pushing brooms and scraping insulation on GCI job sites. These summer odd jobs eventually turned into a temporary job as an estimator while he was finishing his accounting degree from Oklahoma State University. After graduating, Paul became a permanent employee and stayed in the estimating department for 9 years. Transitioning into an accounting role in 2003, Paul slowly took on more and more responsibilities over the next 5 years and became our CFO in 2008.

Today Paul handles all our accounting operations, which includes managing cash flow, billing, employee 401k and benefits, and project projections. If numbers are involved, Paul will likely be involved as well

Tim McGuire | Vice President

Tim started working for his dad, who was a general contractor, as soon as he was old enough to swing a hammer. In 1984, Tim headed West and started working in Los Angeles as a regional project supervisor for a commercial drywall installer. After 10 years of living on Pacific time, he moved back to Oklahoma and became a foreman for Green Country Interiors.

Tim showed great leadership potential overseeing projects and keeping crews on schedule, and was promoted to production manager in 2007. A year later, Tim became our Vice President as part of our new management team along with Jason and Paul. Keeping his eyes on the field, Tim manages the quality and production schedules. We rely on Tim to keep projects running not only efficiently, but safely.

In addition to his duties at GCI, Tim is an 8th degree black belt in Lua martial arts and teaches classes three nights a week.